Thermax Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers of Tulsion® brand of ion exchange resins for over 35 years. Tulsion® is a premium brand and enjoys a global reputation in the field of water treatment and process application technologies.

Thermax’s Chemical division, to its credit, has commissioned over 100 different projects in India and worldwide.
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Our business is about ‘effective customer solutions’ through innovation and development, service and co-operation. Our dynamic teams focus their energy and resources to offer the very best solutions for customers needs.

Apart from industrial water treatment applications like softening, dealkalisation and demineralisation, we also have a wide range of resins for special applications including:

  • Purification-separation-recovery-removal
  • Polymeric adsorbent resins
  • Polymeric catalyst resins
  • Ion exchange resins for biotechnology
  • Chelating resins for metal recovery
  • Resins for ultrapure water
  • Resins for customised applications
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