With the ever increasing concern on availability of water, fossil fuels and environment regulations, our products and monitoring techniques provide eco-friendly solutions to improve efficiency and performance.

Enhancing process efficiency and profitability across applications.
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Efficient Microbes for Effluent Treatment Plant

Thermax offers the Maxgreen® range of efficient microbes for treating wastewater to meet the latest stringent pollution control board norms. This product has been developed in-house by our R&D experts of Chemicals Business and is a blend of select strain of microbes that help in achieving desired parameters of treated effluents.

Efficient microbes produce enzymes and other compounds which degrade tough to degrade organic pollutants in effluent. Effluent after treatment helps to meet PCB norms.

  • COD and BOD reduction
  • Rapid MLSS development
  • Sludge reduction
  • Low maintenance cost of ETP
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