Catalyst resins are insoluble, polymeric beads which are used in different industries for various processes. Thermax offers specialty Tulsion® range of polymeric catalysts that are available in hydrogen and hydroxyl form. The hydrogen form catalyst is used for reactions that are normally catalysed by mineral acids, whereas the catalyst in hydroxyl form is used for base catalysed reactions. 

Tulsion® resins are widely used as catalysts in heterogeneous catalysis for providing excellent kinetic performance. Tulsion® catalyst can be used in agitated reactors as well as in continuous fixed bed reactors.

Advantages of Tulsion® catalysts over homogeneous acid catalysts
  • Ease of separation from reaction mixtures hence suitable for continuous reactions
  • No necessity to neutralise or concentrate the catalyst
  • Can be re-used over number of process cycles
  • Elimination of waste disposal problems
  • Higher selectivity to the desired product and fewer by products
  • Clean and safe processes with desired rate of reaction and higher yields

Esterification – For the production of methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, iso-bornyl acetate and camphene with acetic acid and respective alcohol in the presence of Tulsion® catalyst grade resin.

Dodecyl phenol, Nonyl phenol – Product of alkylation of phenol with the propylene tetramer in the presence of Tulsion® resin as a catalyst.

Aldol condensation – Condensation of aldehyde by using Tulsion® anionic catalyst resin.

MTBE – Tulsion® resin catalyst is used in the reaction of iso butylene and methanol for the production of MTBE.

ETBE – Tulsion® resin catalyst is used in the reaction of iso butylene and ethanol for the production of ETBE.

TAME – Reaction of methanol and 2-methyl 2- butene & 2-methyl 1-butene is catalysed by Tulsion® resin.

Decomposition of cumene hydro peroxide – Catalytic decomposition of cumene hydro peroxide with help of Tulsion® resin.

Fatty acid esters – Catalysed reaction of alcohol and fatty acid with Tulsion® catalyst resin.

Tulsion® Resins used – Tulsion® T-38, Tulsion® T-62 MP, Tulsion® T-63 MP, Tulsion® T -66 MP, Tulsion® T-77MP, Tulsion® T-8052 MP

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