Chelating Resin

Tulsion® chelating resin have functional groups like iminodiacetic-acid, phosphoric acid, thiouronium, thiol which acts as a mono-dentate, di-dentate and tri-dentate, tetra-dentate ligand respectively to form a metal chelate with different metals. This durable macroporous resin can selectively remove metals from aqueous and organic solutions at varied pH. Regeneration of this resin can be done with the help of basic acids and bases, making it most cost effective method. Chelating resins are most useful in the removal and recovery of precious metals from mining.

  • Removal of transition metals- Fe, Cu, Ni, Zn, Cr, Co, Mn, Ag, Mo, Rh, Cd, Hg.
  • Removal of alkali/alkaline earth metals- Ba, Sr, Ra, Ca, Mg, Cs, K, Na.
  • Removal of platinum, palladium, gold, silver, rhodium.
  • Brine decalcification- Tulsion® chelating resins are used for the treatment of brine in chlor-alkali industry for the removal of Ca, Mg, Sr.

Tulsion® resins used – Tulsion® CH-87, Tulsion® CH-90, Tulsion® CH-93, Tulsion® CH-95, Tulsion® CH-97, Tulsion® CH-99, Tulsion® IRR

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