Groundwater Remediation and Purification

Tulsion® ion exchange resins are used widely for groundwater/raw water remediation to get rid of an extensive range of metal salts and organic impurities.

  • Heavy metals – Selective removal of copper, zinc, nickel, lead, tin, cadmium, iron and other heavy metals can be done with special chelating resins.

Tulsion® resin used- Tulsion® CH-90, Tulsion® CH-93

  • Fluoride – Fluoride can be removed by either Tulsion® fluoride selective cation exchange resins or Tulsion® specialty chelating resins.

Tulsion® resin used- Tulsion® CH-87, Tulsion® TFR-93

  • Boron – Speciality chelating resins for selective removal of boron.

Tulsion® resin used- Tulsion® CH-99

  • Mercury – Selective removal of mercury with specialty chelating resin by chelation mechanism.

Tulsion® resin used- Tulsion® CH-97

  • Nitrate and Sulphate – Specialised strong base anion resins are used to remove nitrates sulphate.

Tulsion® resin used- Tulsion® A-62 MP, Tulsion® PCR-5320

  • Naturally occurring phenolic compounds – Specifically designed adsorbent to remove trace levels of phenol. Adsorbed phenol can be eluted using suitable solvents.

Tulsion® resin used- Tulsion® ADS-600, Tulsion® A-72 MP

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