Resin for Food and Beverages

No matter what food we eat; baked, fried, roasted, steamed, processed, frozen or canned, in today’s time people are choosing high quality of food available. And for transforming food and beverages from the raw material into high quality processed food, an effective food grade resin has a vital role to play. Either it is juice de-acidification, de-bittering, sugar decolourization and purification, etc. Tulsion® resin is taking care of all. These resins are specially manufactured in a clean and hygienic environment to suit the requirement of the food and beverages industry.  

  • Sorbitol de-ashing and colour removal- Highly purified and specifically processed Tulsion® speciality ion exchange resins are extensively used in the manufacturing of high quality sorbitol and maltitol.
  • Liquid glucose de-ashing
  • De-colorisation 
  • Inversion
  • Sugar purification and concentration
  • De-bittering
  • Juice de-acidification

Tulsion® resin used – Tulsion® T-42 MP FG, Tulsion® A-2X RFG, Tulsion® A-722 MP, Tulsion® A-30 MP, Tulsion® A-36 MP FG, Tulsion® CXO-12 MP FG.

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