Condensate Polishing

Condensate Polishing is a process deployed to remove contaminants from condensate streams like steam, turbine and process condensate, before it is returned to the boiler/heat exchangers. It is highly important to remove traces of soluble inorganic impurities present in the feed water, as they may get concentrated within the system.
Ion exchange resins used in condensate polishers mainly serve two purposes:

  • Removal of suspended solids by filtration more
  • Removal dissolved solids by ion exchange

Tulsion® Mixed Bed resins and strong acid cation exchange resins are used globally in deep bed condensate polishing systems.

Mix Bed Resin

This is a proportionate mixture of strong acid cation exchange resin in H+ form and strong base anion exchange resin in OH form. This type of system is used in high-pressure boilers.

Strong Acid Cation and Mixed Bed Resin
Feed water is passed through strong acid cation in H+ form followed by Mixed Bed resin. This type of system is used in low to medium pressure boilers.
The treated water/condensate quality of conductivity < 0.1 µS/cm, Silica less than 10-20 ppb and pH 6.8 to 7.2 is achievable.

Tulsion® resin used – Tulsion® T-50 H, Tulsion® A-21, Tulsion® A-21 MP

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