Demineralisation is the process of removing most of the mineral content from raw water. In general, demineralisation of water is carried by first passing water onto a Tulsion® cation exchanger in the hydrogen form, followed by Tulsion® anion exchanger in hydroxyl form, in two-column process. Cation exchange resin will replace the positively charged ions retaining H+ ions while anion exchange resin will replace the negatively charged ions retaining OH- ions. This combination will result in production of de-mineralised water.

Tulsion® resin used –

Cation exchange resins: Tulsion® T-42 H, Tulsion® T-52 H, Tulsion® T 53 H, Tulsion® T-42 MP, Tulsion® CXO-9, Tulsion® CXO-12, Tulsion® CXO-12 MP
Anion exchange resins: Type 1- Tulsion® A-23, Tulsion® A-27 gel, Tulsion® A-27 MP. Type 2 Tulsion® A-32, Tulsion® A-36 gel, Tulsion® A-36 MP, Tulsion® A-2X MP

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