Resin for Other Potential Applications

  • MEG cycle water purification – Purification cycle water loop by Tulsion®/Tulsimer acclaimed resin.
  • Tulsion® Resin used: Tulsion® T-56 MP, Tulsion® A-8X MP, Tulsion® A-8X MP HP
  • Biodiesel purification – Biodiesel (methyl ester) is purified through specialised Tulsion® resin column/s to remove impurities like glycerine, soaps, free fatty acids and traces of catalyst, along with ionic salts to produce pure biodiesel.
  • Tulsion® resin used: Tulsion® T45 BD, Tulsion® T-45 BD MP, Tulsion® A-72 MP
  • Amine purification – Amine solvents are used to remove acidic components like hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from the feed gas of the refineries, natural gas plants and other gas treating processes. Heat stable amine salts are formed with acidic components other than H2S and CO2 in the inlet process stream to the amine absorber. Typical acidic components include acids which form salts of chloride, sulfate, formate, acetate, oxalate, cyanide, thiocyanide, and thiosulfate. To remove these acidic components, Tulsion® resin is used.
  • Tulsion® resin used: Tulsion® A-32, Tulsion® FSMP 32
  • DMAC purification – Dimethyl-acetamide is purified to ultra-pure grade by using Tulsion® specialised resin.
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