Recovery and Purification

Tulsion® resin is very efficient for the selective adsorption and exchange of valuable substances from aqueous solution that are present in traces. To recover these valuable substances in purifies form common regeneration methods are used.  

  • Gold recovery

Tulsion® resin used – Tulsion® CH-95, Tulsion® A-3X MP, Tulsion® AU-1600, A-235

  • PGM-platinum, palladium, gold, rhodium

Tulsion® resin used – Tulsion® CH-95, Tulsion® A-235

  • Recovery and removal of uranium

Tulsion® resin used – Tulsion® AU-1600

  • Removal and recovery of amino acids like lycin, glycin, organin, etc., from aqueous streams by Tulsion® resin

Tulsion® resin used – Tulsion® T-42 NH4

  • Phenol recovery from aqueous solution

Tulsion® resin used – Tulsion® ADS-600, Tulsion® ADS-800

  • Removal and recovery of proteins and enzymes

Tulsion® resin used: Tulsion® PCP-1200, Tulsion® ADS-540, Tulsion® ADS-400

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