Thermax chemicals, a flagship division of Thermax Limited has been in the business of manufacturing specialty chemicals for over three decades.

Thermax offers unmatched service to the paper industry, way ahead of the existing competition.
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De-inking, Refining and Bleaching Additives

De-inking is the process of removing printing ink from waste paper so that the waste paper may be recycled. Maxtreat® surfactant based de-inking chemical as well as enzyme based de-inking chemicals are designed to remove and disperse ink from recycled furnish used in de-inking plants.

Refining in paper making process is beating the pulp mechanically for swelling the fibres that are ideal for paper making. Refining is employed to improve paper strength by enhancing fibrillation and fibre to fibre bonding.

Enzymes also offer significant benefits for pulp and paper industry in particular for environmental protection by lesser consumption of bleaching chemicals.

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