We offer a range of indigenous evaporative condensers designed to handle ammonia, freon and all other latest refrigerants. Our products cater to various refrigeration systems operating in varied climatic conditions.

Our products are designed with robust construction and energy efficient reliable component selection. Our modular plug and play units offer effortless maintenance.
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Conventionally, the condenser of the refrigeration system is either a plate type heat exchanger or shell and tube type heat exchanger. Circulating water from the secondary circuit rejects heat through an open loop cooling tower. The heat exchanger acts as an isolation point to maintain two independent circuits.

An evaporative condenser integrates the intermediate heat exchanger, secondary pump piping & cooling tower into a single unit.

  • Replacement product against conventional systems (atmospheric condenser, shell & tube heat exchanger + cooling tower, plate heat exchanger + cooling tower)
  • For ammonia/freon condensation at lower temperature
  • Ideal for various refrigeration systems and climatic conditions
  • Compatible with all types of refrigeration compressors i.e. reciprocating, screw, scroll, rotary and centrifugal
  • Combined and counter flow technology available
  • Modular construction allows plug & play installation for new and replacement units
Product Capacity: 50 TR and above
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