Pressure reducing and de-super heating systems are designed to reduce the steam pressure to operating pressure and also to bring the outlet steam temperature closer to that of saturation. A suitably designed pressure reducing valve installed on a superheated steam line reduces steam pressure to the desired operating pressure.

Thermax  supplied us with two PRDSH in power blowing station having a  capacity of 73 tons per hour of steam flow and are working satisfactorily in power blowing station till date.”
–  Happy customer from Rourkela, Odisha.
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The steam temperature is reduced to saturation by injecting water into high velocity steam by controlled water flow through a control valve. Conventionally, steam pressure reduction and temperature reduction are managed in two different units. In this case, both these functions are carried in one unit which is a combined pressure reducing and de-super heating system.

Product Features:
  • Completely customized to suit customer pressure temperature parameters
  • Separate/Combined systems based on technical feasibility
  • Various designs of de-superheaters to get a turn down up to 40:1
  • Multi step trim realizes sub critical pressure reduction
  • For all stages – longer life of internals
  • The design guarantees controlled water injection with the controlled movement of the trim
  • Selection of material of construction to meet the design requirements for longer life
  • It maintains steam temperature at the outlet within saturation +6°C
  • Provided with microprocessor based control instrumentation
  • Suitable for superheated steam to convert it to near saturated condition and at same or reduced pressure.
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