TCRS – Thermax Condensate Recovery System comprises of Flash Vessel, steam operated condensate transfer pump and Atmospheric deaerator head for effective pumping and mixing of condensate along with flash steam and makeup water in feed water tank.

“The condensate recovery system supplied by Thermax is working satisfactorily. We are achieving the feedwater temperature to the boiler at 90 Deg. C after installing this product.” – Happy customer from Himachal Pradesh, India
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Pumping Trap

Thermax Pump Trap is a condensate removing Pump. It removes condensate instantly in stall condition improving process effectiveness with the help of operating pressure of process. Stall condition is defined as condition wherein, heat transfer equipment is unable to drain condensate and becomes flooded due to insufficient system pressure.

Product Features:
  • Compact unit with inbuilt pumping & trapping.
  • Improved modulating condensate discharge through unique patented rotary slide valve design
  • Operates at minimum differential pressure
  • Higher condensate discharge capacities during pumping & trapping mode.
  • High reliability due non-moving parts/ mechanical linkages for pumping mechanism.
  • Negligible operating cost
  • Effective temperature control – improves performance
  • Longer equipment life
  • Reduced maintenance
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