Thermax offers speciality products which give more benefits to the customer like increase in boiler efficiency, reduction in fuel consumption, monetary savings, etc. Our product 'High Pressure Condensate Recovery System (HPCRS)' received the CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management in 2018.

“Hot Water Generation System designed for a flow rate of 125 m3/hr of hot water has been installed 7 years ago and is still working satisfactorily at our plant.” -  Happy customer from Gurgaon (Haryana) India
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Surface Auto Blowdown Control System

When steam is released from the boiler drum, the dissolved solids in the feedwater are left behind and their concentration in the boiler water increases with time. If the water with high TDS content is not discarded from the boiler, it causes scale formation on tubes and reduces the effectiveness of heat transfer. The process of discarding the water with high TDS content from the boiler drum is referred to as blowdown.

Product Features

  • Increases the boiler safety and efficiency
  • Real time conductivity sensing and control avoids excessive blowdown of water from the boiler which has a very high heat value
  • Improved life of tubes and pressure vessel due to reduced scaling
  • Enables accurate TDS control by removing TDS as and when formed
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