Thermax supports ITC’s green initiative by offering 100% biomass-fired boiler ensuring cost saving up to 45%


Thermax is committed to ‘Conserving energy and preserving the environment’, two areas vital for the world. We support business establishments to be more energy efficient and environment-friendly.
Our legacy is enriched with the green effect projects for which we are the first choice for some of the global brands in the word. ITC Group which holds a market capitalization of 50 billion USD with a turnover of 8 billion USD crediting to their robust portfolio of traditional and Greenfield businesses is one such esteemed business alliance for Thermax process heating solutions.
The multi-business conglomerate encompasses various manufacturing plants across India and one of them is at Ranjangaon, Pune MH. This food production unit manufactures instant noodles and potato chips. A heating system is the heart of any food processing unit and ITC group partnered with Thermax for a robust heating system. ITC group’s association with Thermax was cemented with the commitment to supply a
heating system to fulfill their steam requirement for which three FO (Furnace oil) fired boilers were commissioned for the same.

Project Insights

In 2012 ITC was looking for expansion and was keen to have a greener, cost-effective fuel, they decided to go for 100% biomass briquettes fired boiler from Thermax. There were three main criteria’s for this project – 1) Uninterrupted steam supply, 2) fast response to fluctuating load and 3) high efficiency. As ITC was keen to have 100% biomass-fired unit the biggest challenge was maintaining steam-fuel ratio as the calorific value of fuel i.e. biomass briquettes changes drastically due to the variation in moisture content, bulk density, ingredients of briquettes etc. Thermax understood customer’s requirement and proposed a fully automatic CPRG (Combipac Reciprocating Grate) boiler with automatic fuel feeding system, air pre-heater, and economizer to ensure best in class efficiency with suitable equipment.

Innovative solution by Thermax

The solution provided by Thermax-CPRG (Combipac reciprocating grate) boiler which can provide 14000 kg per hour steam for high-pressure steam requirements in chips and noodles frying process. The boiler is designed to respond to sudden load changes which are typical for food processing industry. Thermax has proposed boiler with a unique offering of “moving floor” which saves space and has automatic fuel level controller. From the moving floor, the fuel is then sent to fully automatic fuel feeding system comprising of dosing bin and multi-screw fuel feeder. To ensure steam to fuel ratio of 5.0 Thermax has offered Lambion Reciprocating grate technology. Thermax has technology tie-up with Lambion who has over 100 years of experience in biomass firing solutions.

Reciprocating grate

Reciprocating Grate utilizes successive oscillation of grate linkage for the continuous movement of fuel; alternate movement of grate blocks pushes the fuel in the distinct combustion zones of a grate. This gives toppling action to the fuel particle and hence ensures complete combustion. This grate offers progressive combustion with distinct combustion zones. Relative motion between fuel bed and grate helps to deal with poor fuels up to 60% moisture content.

Energy efficient and low emission operation

High efficiency is an important aspect of achieving an energy efficient operation process of the chips and noodles frying process. Thermax offers both air pre-heater to preheat the combustion air up to 150°C and economizer ensuring the water is preheated up to 120° C. CPRG offers advantages like 100% combustion, highest uptime and efficiency and low emission. Thus the fuel consumption during steam generation is reduced drastically, and hence compared to FO fired boilers the fuel cost saving is 45%*

Positive impact

The flue gas exit temperature is at 100-120° C. The boiler achieves SFR of 5 and ash percentage is as low as 14-15%. The SPM level is as low as 28 ppm. In order to achieve optimum fuel consumption, an O2 controller is integrated into the plant. An oxygen probe measures oxygen continuously and compensates changes in air temperature and air pressure automatically. This optimizes the efficiency of the boiler and reduces the negative environmental impact at the same time.

Continues automation and reliability

The high degree of automation in the steam boiler plant provides comfort and safety to the boiler operator who can see complete process of the boiler from a system linked computer screen. The controller can also manage the equipment and other parameters like fuel feeding, feed water section, combustion manager, and flue gas section, making the boiler unit an automated, timely and reliable solution. This makes the entire plant operation automated and the process can be managed by limited no of people.

The result

The Adaptation of an efficient boiler system from Thermax and the change in fuel from FO (furnace oil) to biomass briquettes helped ITC to save fuel cost by 45%*. The PLC (programmable logic controller) system
continuously monitors the performance of boiler thus
ensuring safety and optimum performance. The proven
construction of combipac together with appropriate plant
equipment and reciprocating grate technology ensures
continuous and high steam quality for chips and noodles
frying process. Thermax’s service team ensures optimum
plant settings, a constantly high efficiency, very low
emission and longer life of the entire plant with their
regular maintenance services.
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