TOESL supplies Steam to a Textile Major (Maharashtra)

Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Limited (TOESL)

provides outsourced utility delivery services based on the Build- Own-Operate (BOO) business model, enabling customers to optimise costs, reduce CO2 footprint and remain focused on their core business.

The customer is the leading player in the textile industry and one of the marquee customers of TOESL. It uses state-of-the art technology to manufacture wide range of high quality nylon processed yarns.

COMBIPAC Biomass Boiler Model: CPRG160 with Reciprocating Grate using Lambion, GmbH Technology

Boiler Capacity: 16 TPH
Site Location: Pune, Maharashtra
Fuel: Biomass Briquettes
Estimated CO2 Reduction: 15,600 TPA

Project Overview

The customer’s manufacturing unit was operating with 5 boilers for generating process steam, out of which 4 were oil-fired (subsequently two were retrofitted to run on biomass) and 1 was biomass-fired. Due to process expansion and hence an increase in the steam demand, the following was observed:

  • Existing retrofitted boilers, being manual fired and inefficient, were unable to deliver economically.
  • The retrofitted boilers were unable to consistently meet the environmental standards in spite of Bag Filters being installed.
  • The retrofitted boilers had also run their lifetime and were unsafe to operate, thus requiring high maintenance costs.
  • More furnace oil was required to meet the enhanced demand which further added to the cost of production.

Boiler at a Glance

Model Capacity Type
CPRG160/17.5 16 TPH (F&A 1000 C)each Horizontal Multi-tubular Shell Type Smoke Tube with Water Wall Furnace
Design Pressure Operating Pressure
17.5 kg/cm2 15 kg/cm2

Thermax Onsite’s Offering
TOESL has installed a biomass briquette-fired boiler of 16 TPH @ 17.5 kg/cm2 (g) to be operated and managed through a long- term comprehensive OPEX contract under Build-Own- Operate (BOO) business model, replacing the previous boilers and ensuring energy (steam) delivered at an optimum price leveraging high-end automated biomass boiler installation. Electrostatic Precipitator was included in the scheme to meet the stringent environmental standards.

Benefits to Client

  • Optimum cost-effective steam price
  • Guaranteed boiler uptime & efficiency throughout the product lifecycle
  • No investment for boiler plant and machinery by customer
  • Comprehensive O&M
  • Significant decrease in SPM in emissions-upto 50 mg/Nm3
  • Dedicated biomass fuel supply chain ensuring consistent quality at right price
  • The customer focuses on its core business while TOESL takes charge of steam supply
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