Thermax has been present in the Egyptian market for over two decades and has undertaken several industrial projects that include installations of boilers, absorption chillers, water and wastewater treatment solutions and air pollution control systems that have been embraced by a range of industries in the country. From food and beverage, paper and pulp, packaging to cement, steel, chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and the hospitality sector, Thermax has built a strong reputation in the Egyptian market with its state-of-the-art products and solutions. Thermax has also built strategic partnerships in Egypt to provide strong presales support, system design and post-sales service for its clients in the country. Several key clients have chosen Thermax to provide turnkey solutions for their industrial processes. Needless to say, the vibrant industrial sector of Egypt continues to be a lucrative market for Thermax.

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Direct fired chiller

Rixos Alamein, located on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Coast in the famous El Alamein, uses Thermax’s two units of 500 TR direct fired chillers for the air conditioning of the hotel.


A chiller of 350 TR that is powered by steam and a Demineralisation (DM) water plant installed at one of the largest chemical complexes in Port Said, Egypt.

Thermax Enviro Solutions empowers the oldest Cement Company of Egypt

The Tourah Portland cement plant, Egypt’s first cement company, was established in 1927. It is […]

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