With love and affection

My Dear Thermaxians,

As I step down as the MD & CEO of Thermax, let me express my gratitude to each one of you, my dear friends who steadfastly stood by me throughout this journey. We worked as a team… to fulfill a mission… worked tirelessly to protect and grow our company. Your sense of ownership and commitment has helped the management to navigate our company through some of the worst industrial turbulences.

You have been an incredible part of my journey; I owe my successes to all of you Thermaxians. You have not just made my 28 years memorable but also the last few days in the company truly special by bringing back the nostalgia of moments, right from my joining the company till today.

Thank you for making me the Unny I am today – Anu, Meher and Pheroz for empowering and nurturing me, the Board members for mentoring me, customers for challenging and guiding me and all the leaders of Thermax for setting the stage so that I could perform to my fullest potential. My gratitude to my EC for believing in me, the entire leadership team and all of you for always putting your best foot forward in every aspect. I have learnt immensely from our TCAs and vendors on all occasions. And a special mention goes to the financial institutions, analyst community, media and industry bodies for their valuable advisory and timely probing to nudge me in the right direction.

Your efforts have made Thermax, a highly respected Energy and Environment solutions provider of India with the potential to be a global leader of tomorrow. It is also comforting to me personally that the mantle of leadership is now in the able hands of Ashish. May I seek your support to him – the same way you have extended to me – to steer Thermax towards global leadership in our chosen domain.

Wishing each one of you success in all your endeavours.

With love and affection,

– Unny

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