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Air Cooled Condensers

Diminishing water resources and increased water pollution concerns have led to the explosive growth of Dry Cooling worldwide.

The major benefits of Dry Cooling are:

  • Elimination of water usage from the condensing power cycle
  • Flexibility in power plant site selection
  • Decreased time required for statutory permissions in setting up a power plant


A-Frame type Air Cooled Condenser

The most popular style of Air Cooled Condenser is the modularized A-Frame design, used in power plants of all sizes. The integral features of our Air Cooled Condenser are long term mechanical and thermal integrity, excellent corrosion and freeze resistance, reliable operation and low maintenance.

The Fin tube is the core technology of the Air Cooled Condenser, and is available in two basic classes:

  • Multi Row Condenser (MRC) - Round tube with aluminum fins
  • Single Row Condenser (SRC) elongated, flat tube with brazed aluminum fins