Thermax CFBC boilers at a large petrochemical complex in Gujarat has recorded 600+ days of continuous, uninterrupted operation

We are proud to share that one of the Thermax CFBC boilers at a large petrochemical complex in Gujarat has recorded 600+ days of continuous, uninterrupted operation. This is perhaps the longest operation of any CFBC boiler, globally!

The Thermax Babcock and Wilcox Energy Solutions (TBWES) O&M team has been providing services to a total of 5 units of 500 TPH, 121 bar(g), 535 degree C, IR-CFBC boilers at the customer’s plant.
Owing to the challenge faced by industries in terms of availability of skilled and competent service expertise, our team works closely with the customer to improve performance, reliability, cost of operations, coupled with value-added services such as fuel advisory, smart maintenance, spares optimisation, preventive and predictive insights, plant automation, shutdown support, and implementing the best operation and maintenance practices, to deliver safe, reliable and high-performance boiler operations on a sustainable basis.
Precisely for this project, we also supported the customer to consume various coals (Indonesian, South African, Australian and Russian) and enhance the commercial operations of the units. To ease the operational challenges of such a large steam generation complex, all the units were put on automatic control.
We thank our customer for entrusting us with this opportunity. This milestone also reinforces the faith reposed by many of our customers in the Thermax IR – CFBC Boilers, with ‘U’ beam particle separation technology.

Thermax displays its edge in technology and sustainability at Boiler India 2020

Thermax participated at Boiler India 2020 – an event organised with support from the Directorate of Steam Boilers, Maharashtra State for boilers and allied equipment manufacturers to showcase their goods, wares and services to a plethora of industrial and institutional buyers particularly across India and largely across Asia.

Thermax being one of the prominent exhibitors displayed its capabilities as ‘One Thermax’ offering a comprehensive range of utility solutions right from energy generation to dissipation – heating and cooling equipment, turnkey power plants, waste heat recovery units, systems for water and wastewater management including wastewater recycle, air pollution control and performance improving chemicals with a focus on sustainable offerings.

Highlights of the display comprised an actual Shellmax Global Boiler, a smart and compact boiler with international standards; biomass-based heating solutions; in-place sewage treatment and other water treatment solutions; efficient steam accessories and a range of chemicals for special applications.

Apart from physical exhibits, a series of captivating visual displays were showcased, such as making and shipping of the largest battery of modularised boilers from India for the biggest refinery in Africa; IoT solutions for boilers and chillers as a game-changer and simulated working of high technology products.

Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Limited (TOESL) bags a second prize in the ‘Best Boiler User 2020’ category at the recently concluded Boiler India 2020.

Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Limited (TOESL) won the second prize in the ‘Best Boiler User 2020’ competition at the recently concluded Boiler India 2020 conclave organised by the Directorate of Steam Boilers in Navi Mumbai. TOESL bagged this prize for its site at Century Enka Limited in Bhosari, Pune and was nominated under the category- Textile/Processing/Edible Oil/Paper/Ordnance/Distilleries industries. Vinod Thaokar (Head, O&M), Rahul Bhosale (Facility Manager), Mangesh Yeul (Facility Manager) and Roshan Shirbhate (Safety Officer) received the award on behalf of TOESL.

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