Starting Thermax journey on a social note

Social responsibility has always been an integral part of Thermax culture and what could be a better way to pass on the baton to the millennials of the company than an exposure to the same during their induction. The new batch of Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs), Graduate Apprentices (GAs) and Diploma Engineer Trainees (DETs) were given an experiential orientation towards corporate social responsibility during their induction programme in the month of July and September. GAs were assigned a unique activity of preparing handmade study material sheets for slow learners, designed originally by experts based on multiple intelligence theory of Howard Gardner. The group completed as many as 350 sheets which were dispatched to the NGO the same day. DETs visited Shree Shirdi Sai Baba Home for Blind Women. They spent quality time with the ladies, served them food and were inspired to see them making bags with multiple coloured plastic strings, flawlessly and swiftly, displaying their determination despite their limitations. GETs were given the task to make paper bags from newspapers, calendars or used chart papers as an alternative to polythene bags and sell the bags to the employees present at the Thermax Learning Academy (TLA) for promoting both environmental and social cause. The proceeds from this unique sale were given to an NGO.

Taking charge of traffic control

As a first step to improve the traffic scenario of Pune, an awareness drive was conducted by CII-CSR Pune chapter on June 22, 2019, with overwhelming support from Thermax. Seventy-five employees volunteered for this initiative and took to the streets at the busy chowks of Pune. They were among 400 volunteers from 20 companies who participated in the drive. With permission from commuters, they placed stickers reading ‘I am proud to follow traffic rules’ and appealed people to imbibe various traffic etiquettes such as wearing helmets, driving responsibly, observing zebra crossing etc.

Thermax Hyderabad team returned home, feeling deeply satisfied and inspired!

On Friday 14th December 2018, employees from Thermax Hyderabad office volunteered at Shri Satya Sai – Home for the elderly and orphan, after office hours. At this happy and vibrant home, the orphan kids and the grandmothers share a mutually nurturing relationship, which perhaps offsets the pain of not having the ‘missing generation’ in their lives. The girls are taught self-defence along with their academic and co-curricular development. In the process, the girls also acquire a sense of accountability and responsibility as they spend time with the grannies and help them get ready before heading for school.

Being present in such a well-functioning positive space that demonstrates living the moment gracefully – the visit was a learning experience for our employees. Thermax Hyderabad team was inspired to watch the kids perform Taekwondo, Martial Arts and Dance while they were at the place. Volunteers interacted with the residents and served them food. More than a gesture of kindness, the visit reinforced the spirit of offering social service more often. While bidding farewell, they shared grocery provisions which they had thoughtfully carried along and returned, feeling deeply satisfied.

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