Welcoming our d’w’aughter

The thought for you was born in the COVID times. When the world was in peak pandemic under lockdown, a hope arose to adjoin a differentiator to the crew.

The United States, Italy, The United Kingdom, and many other countries were incessantly reporting the daily panic news. Every platform was speaking about the downtime in the economy. We consulted doctors and experts as the situation was not favourable to make decisions, and so, we took a conscious approach. We were concerned but had decided to utilise the time as an opportunity. It took regular inspections and a number of reviews to track the progress after conceiving you. The diagnosis were all managed through online consultations and very rarely through in-person meetings. Thanks to Teams and Zoom apps, which were the only communication channels.

We waited 36 weeks patiently. Gradually, we could see your steady development, and enjoyed these precious moments. Finally, we could go for the 3D scan, and you looked such a pretty darling!
One’s birthday is a special and memorable occasion for a lifetime. So, we had planned it well. As it was a caesarean, the muhurta was known to us. Finally, when you were delivered, we were speechless and equally mesmerised. Happiness filled the void in our mind and soul. Without a blink, we took a 360 degree view to capture your beauty in our eyes. The first sight is always special. A Tiny Tim, Lilliput unit – the smallest and smartly designed recycling unit, atoM was there!

Soon, we took a trial run; the first cry of the pumps gave us extreme happiness and the air blower’s lobe sound synched with our heartbeats.

The entire unit was gift-wrapped for the launch. We announced to the world, with our virtual launch, that our product range has one more differentiator now, set to serve the water requirements. The most awaited product in the water fraternity was launched, and now is growing. She has started to crawl and will walk tiptoe very soon.

Here’s wishing all the success to the d(w)aughter of SPG WWS!

– Avinash Swami

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