Denmark’s district heating companies employ Thermax heat pumps

Since its first installation in 1999, Thermax has been assisting Scandinavian district heating companies with its absorption heat pumps- an integral component in their energy equipment configurations.

Silkeborg heating company employs Thermax 7000 kW single effect steam drive heat pump and two 12000 kW double effect steam driven heat pumps. Other district companies such as Hasle and Hammel also have in place Thermax hot water driven heat pumps.

District heating is an energy concept where waste heat from industrial sites and waste incinerators or underground geothermal heat is used for warming water used in public space heating networks. Thermax heat pumps absorb heat from these sources and preheat the water delivered to the buildings. This mode of heating is more efficient, cheap and has lower carbon emissions.

Thermax provides district cooling to Copenhagen using waste heat

The Adelgade District Cooling Energy centre in Copenhagen, has an installed capacity of 15 MW cooling. The energy centre delivers piped chilled water to nearby buildings that include Banks, Hotels, Museum, offices and a Mint. A 3.5 MW Thermax steam driven absorption chiller is part of the 15 MW installed capacity. A local district heating plant supplies steam to Thermax’s chiller. Sea water from a 19th century canal is used for heat rejection, thereby eliminating investment and subsequent maintenance associated with cooling towers. The absorption chiller circuits are made with special materials to handle sea water.

The new cooling network complements the city’s existing heating system covering 98% of Copenhagen. The new project of 15 MW capacity is expected to save 14,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Copenhagen’s district cooling system reduces carbon emissions by nearly 70% and electricity consumption by 80% compared to conventional cooling.

During the summer months, when demand is low there is an excess surplus heat within the district heating system. The excess heat is used to drive Thermax’s steam double effect absorption chiller to produce chilled water for the city’s cooling needs.

Boilers at Beximco Limited since 1995

Bextex Ltd. is the concern of Beximco Group one of the leading private organisations in the country which was incorporated in Bangladesh as a Public Limited Company with limited liability on 8 March 1994 and commenced commercial operation in 1995 and went into the public issue of shares and debentures in the same year. In 1995 Thermax supplied four units of natural gas fired boiler each having capacity 10 TPH in this factory and till today all the boilers are running smoothly.

IoT brings comfort to guests at Cultural Heritage Resorts

Cultural Heritage Resorts, a part of a reputed Sri Lankan hotel chain, recently partnered with Thermax to adopt an energy-efficient and sustainable approach for providing air conditioning. The resort is using Thermax’s double effect steam-driven vapour absorption chiller of 300 TR capacity, helping them save 4,92,000 units of electricity and reduce carbon emissions by 318 tons annually; equal to planting 31,885 trees or taking 63 cars off the road. The chiller utilises steam generated from biomass boiler to provide comfort cooling to hotel rooms through AHU/FCU units. Understanding the criticality of comfort in the hospitality industry, Thermax is also supporting the chiller with its IoT based service, ‘ROSS’ (Remote Online Support Service), which monitors and controls performance of absorption chillers across the globe. An abnormality was observed in the chiller installed at the Cultural Heritage Resorts due to operational issues. It was detected that vacuum was not within the required limit, resulting in the VAM outlet temperature not being maintained at the set point. Our smart service ‘ROSS’ proactively captured data, detected the root cause and avoided breakdown in air conditioning which would have caused discomfort to guests. Thermax’s experienced service engineer highlighted the issue to the customer and resolved it online by assisting the team to perform blowdown in the vacuum. This has resulted in significant cost savings to the hotel with no downtime.

A facelift for heritage palaces from construction chemicals

Thermax Construction Chemicals played a pivotal role in the successful restoration of two heritage monuments – City Palace of Udaipur and Vadodara’s Laxmi Vilas Palace. 

Both projects were executed within a time-frame of 90 days in co-ordination with Ushta Infinity, specialists in the conservation of heritage buildings. The scope of work covered strengthening the existing structural members, increasing the passage area and waterproofing of roofs as well as domes. The Thermax team led by Praveen Khanna used a range of chemicals for seismic retrofitting, epoxy repair, corrosion resistance and elastomeric water proofing. 

Says Sanjay Bhude, who heads the Construction Chemical Group, “This unique project will add to our proven expertise gained from executing over a 100 structural repairs and rehabilitation projects in many countries.”

Thermax’s chillers enter Puerto Rico

The Absorption Cooling division of Thermax commissioned a 360 TR multi-energy chiller for ‘De le Concepcion’ hospital at Puerto Rico. Being an island prone to hurricanes, Puerto Rico is adapting to a gas-based distributed power generation model to reduce its dependency on electricity supplied from the grid. Thermax’s chiller forms a part of the Combined Heating Power & Cooling system, which helps recover waste heat from the engines installed and utilises it to provide chilled water up to 5.5ºC for air conditioning the hospital. With this installation, Thermax has become the first company to supply chillers to the region.

Hej IKEA !

IKEA, the Swedish furnishing major for their first store in India, launched at Hyderabad in August 2018, trusted Thermax as their partners for water treatment. 

The Water & Waste Solutions division and the Channel Business Group in association with their channel partner, Sanller Systems commissioned a WTP catering to both the potable and non-potable water requirement of the entire store. The scope of supply comprises a dual media filter (DMF), a 2.25 m3 /hr softener and a reverse osmosis plant producing 2,000 litres per hour. The inlet water from the municipal supply passes through the DMF and is further treated by the softener and RO units before being stored in the respective treated water tanks. The water from the softener is blended with the RO water to achieve the global standards of IKEA suitable for drinking and cooking at their food court; amounting to an approximate consumption of 50,000 litres per day. The remaining treated water is used for other applications such as geysers, washing and cleaning.

While several players were vying to be a part of this prestigious project, Thermax’s established references and customer satisfaction with earlier assignments won them this order.

Chillers at Yemen

The Cooling division of Thermax recently commissioned a multienergy driven chiller of 700 TR capacity at Aden Mall, Yemen. The chiller runs on jacket hot water and steam generated from the exhaust of a 2.5 MW diesel engine, with backup diesel firing. Cold water from the chiller is used for air conditioning the mall, one of the most popular destinations in the city of Aden. The mall situated 10 kms from Aden airport was partially destroyed during the war and is undergoing re-construction. This is the second order bagged by Thermax in Yemen, the first a 300 TR chiller for NAD Foods, a supplier of milk, food products and fruit juice. Here, chilled water from the single effect hot water driven chiller is used for process cooling during the production cycle.

Thermax offers green kitchen solutions with brand ‘Oorja’

Through its subsidiary, First Energy Private Limited (FEPL), Thermax now offers commercial kitchens a combination of uniquely designed micro gasification stove and biomassbased pellet fuel.

 In 2017, Thermax had completed the acquisition of First Energy, an alternate energy solutions company known for its popular brand ‘Oorja’. Thermax acquired 76% stake in FEPL, an entity instituted in 2009. 

Oorja provides a clean energy alternative to LPG (a fossil fuel) – a steam solution that uses pellet fired boilers and vessels. 

Oorja also supports process industries by supplying boilers, biomass fuel, heaters and other equipment, helping them in hassle free operations and reducing carbon emissions. 

FEPL is present across India with pellet manufacturing locations in three places and distributors supplying pellets across 25 plus locations. It also has a service network at these locations.

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