Incinerator for Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, established in the year 1999. The company has a huge manufacturing facility located at Savar and Dhamrai, 35 and 53 kilometres away respectively from the centre of the capital city Dhaka. The company produces various types of dosage forms which include tablets, capsules, oral liquids etc. Thermax supplied an incinerator to burn all solid and liquid wastes generated in their facilities at 200 kg/hr

Thermax’s boiler at a herbal pharmaceutical major

In 2016, PT Thermax received an order from a leading Indonesian herbal pharmaceutical producer. PT Thermax supplied a Combloc boiler with reciprocating grate suitable to fire high moisture herbal waste. This has helped the customer to reduce its energy cost as earlier the herbal waste was being converted to pellets to be fired in an FBC boiler.

Based on their experience with the boiler and the accrued savings, in 2018, the customer placed a repeat order for another 10 TPH Combloc boiler with reciprocating grate for its sister concern.

Thermax sets a record by commissioning a 40 TPH boiler in just 40 days for Pharmaceutical major in Indonesia.


Thermax’s esteemed customer PT Cheil Jedang alias CJ Bio awarded an order for a 40 TPH Bi drum boiler. Thermax successfully completed erection and commissioning of the entire plant within eight months against a typical duration of twelve months. The entire commissioning activity was completed within 40 days instead of a four-months usual period.

Project Insights



In appreciating Thermax’s work Mr. Mukh Mustain (Engg Construction Manager) from CJ Bio said that “Erection of the boiler was completed on account of Thermax’s proper planning, safety, and technical expertise.”. He specially mentioned the work that was done by Sateesh D, Vaibhav Mohite and Rakesh Kumar and their respective teams for ensuring timely installation and commissioning.

Thermax Experts

This feat was possible owing to the high-quality execution by Thermax experts that eliminated any extra time spent in rework. The entire project was completed in adherence to the highest standards of safety resulting in zero reported incidents.

A critical success factor was the collaboration between CJ Bio and Thermax. The client provided all necessary support with logistics, planning, and execution.

The early commissioning not only helped customers resume operations before stipulated time but also helped Thermax achieve higher efficiency and cost savings.

Thermax is proud to welcome another satisfied customer to its fold and looks forward
to a strong association with CJ Bio in the future.


Industry:Medical Centre
Status: Installed in 2010

Project Snapshot

Client : Chromasun
End Customer : Crow Canyon Medical Center (CCMC)
Location :  Danville, CA, USA
Total capacity : 50 TR (175 kW)
Application : Air-conditioning at Medical Centre
Energy Source : 338°F hot water heated by solar ray
Chilled In/Out : 66°F/54°F (19°C /12°C)

Project Overview

Thermax’s installation at a medical centre located in California is the first solar thermal system to provide air cooling and heating, and domestic water heating for a U.S medical facility. Here,50 TR high temperature hot water is driven in the two stage chiller with back-up firing option has been installed at facility to cool the office area of 64,000 sq. ft. It is a complete energy efficient heating and cooling system which uses solar energy to generate the hot water.

Project Description

A primary business goal for our client was to operate one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings showcasing the potential of solar thermal technology to offset both cooling (electricity) and water heating (natural gas) in the U.S. hospital industry. The medical centre has 75 Chomasun MCT of 3352 sq. ft. collector area total which gives hot water of 338°F which gives energy to run the 50 TR chiller delivering 54°F water. This water is circulated to cool the air for comfort cooling in the office area of 64,000 sq. ft. thus saving 145 MW-hr of electricity per year. It reduces carbon emission by 102 tons per year which is equivalent to the emission from 26 cars.


-By installing Thermax’s chiller, our client was able to make savings in power of about 145 MW-hr/year.

-We also helped them in the reduction of carbon emissions of about 102 Tons/year which is equivalent to the emission from 26 cars.

Thermax’s Biomass boiler commissioned at Serum Institute is a boon for saving the environment and reducing fuel cost by 30%.


Thermax is committed to conserving energy and preserving the environment, two areas critically monitored globally. We support businesses with 100% biomass-fired boilers ensuring fuel savings with lower emissions. Serum Institute of India is one such esteemed customer benefiting from green energy since 2013.

Saving the world with one vaccine at a time- Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. is now the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer by number of doses produced and sold globally (more than 1.3 billion doses) which includes Polio vaccine as well as Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hib, BCG, r-Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines. It is estimated that about 65% of the children in the world receive at least one vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute.

Thermax has successfully commissioned 22 TPH biomass briquette fired boiler for their Hadapsar (Pune) vaccine plant. The main issues faced were the space constraint and the impact of the biomass fuel dust near the vaccine plant. This plant layout and boiler installation are customized to remove the space constraint which is the unique pentagon-shaped area. There was a tough competition for this project and Thermax process heating solutions bagged this opportunity with technology advancement and expertise in the field of biomass combustion.


Thermax has offered Combipac Reciprocating grate boiler ensuring 100% firing of biomass briquettes. Thermax has technology tie-up with Lambion GMBH who has over 100 years of experience in biomass firing solutions. Reciprocating grate offers progressive combustion with distinct combustion zones making it the ideal solution for biomass combustion with moisture up to 60%.

This grate offers huge fuel flexibility and can burn complex fuels like forest wastes, empty fruit bunches, spice waste, soya stock, and many other biomasses. Reciprocating utilizes successive oscillation of grate castings mounted on different trolleys for the continuous movement of fuel. These trolleys are driven by independent hydraulic cylinders and alternate movement of grate blocks pushes the fuel in the distinct combustion zones of the grate. This gives toppling action to the fuel a particle hence ensures complete combustion.

The advantages of reciprocating grate are:

  • 100% combustion
  • Highest uptime and efficiency
  • Very low emission


The steam generated from the boiler is used throughout the plant for an important process of sterilization and
clean steam generation for advanced procedures in the plant. On an average 2 lakh, the vaccine is manufactured
in a single lot and 12 lakh vaccine on an everyday basis through this process

This entire boiler plant is automatically operated with only 2-3 operators are needed for managing the entire operation. In the current world of dynamic pricing of the furnace, oil customer is benefited with an assured 30% cost savings by shifting to biomass briquettes. High-quality steam and assured uptime is the key for any successful operation of the pharma industry.

Thermax has once again demonstrated its capability as a reliable partner for customer’s success.
Cementing the long-term association of the two companies Thermax is proud to be a part of the biotechnology company’s work of saving the children with the vaccines that are manufactured at this plant while also saving the environment.


The Adaptation of an efficient boiler system from Thermax and the change in fuel from FO (furnace oil) to biomass briquettes helped serum institute to achieve these challenging results with just 3-4 people managing the complete plant operations

  • Fule cost saving up to 30 %
  • Space constraints resolved
  • Higher efficiency steam generation


A strategic business unit offers packaged boilers, thermal oil heaters, waste heat recovery boilers,hot water, and air generators. These are available in modular construction as a standard package configuration or a custom design for specific requirements. Innovated by a strong R&D that focuses on customer applications, we offer a range of heating systems designed to combust a wide range of solid, oil & gas fuels including biomass and heavy liquid fuels.

Unlocking the green potential in pharma

Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Limited (TOESL), providing outsourced utility services under the Build-Own-Operate business model, established its presence in the growing pharma sector by concluding steam supply agreements with two customers. First being Malladi Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited to supply ‘green’ steam for two of its plants in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh; deploying 10-ton Combipac boiler and 6-ton Combloc reciprocating grate boiler respectively. Subsequently, TOESL partnered with Capsugel (a Lonza company) and commissioned a 4.5-ton biomass boiler plant in its Haryana unit. Under the agreement, TOESL guarantees delivery of quality steam for ten years, leveraging agro waste biomass fuels, sourced through the vast biomass supply chain developed by the company

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