Thermax is a pioneer in offering cogen and trigen solutions for the industry for more than two decades. Our installations are spread across multiple sectors like textiles, paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, sugar, distilleries etc.

We have installed 40+ plants that produce more than 1000 MW for the process industry.
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Process industries have a high dependence on utilities such as steam, chilled water and power for their operations. Conventionally, this requirement is met through process boilers, chillers and grid power for running the plant. A cogeneration or tri-generation plant is an innovative solution to meet these utility needs.

In a cogen plant, high temperature and pressure steam is first used for power generation and subsequently, the steam from turbine can be used for process heating and cooling.

Thus, the plant achieves higher efficiency by maximising its energy output becoming more sustainable by reducing its carbon footprint.

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