Power Generation through Waste Heat Recovery

Up to 300 MW

Turnkey Power plants with single unit size

Up to 1200 MW

Complete BOP for power plants

Waste heat recovery based power

Cement, iron & steel industries

Power generation through waste heat recovery

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The idea is to recover the sensible heat contained in waste gases generated from various industrial manufacturing processes, and use this recovered heat for generation of steam, process heating and power generation. Thermax has again proved itself to be the leader in providing sustainable solutions for energy and environment. Waste Heat Recovery Project of 1 x 13.2 MW capacity commissioned for J K Cements, Nimbahera, is the first power plants in India based on cement waste heat to be awarded CDM benefits under UNFCCC.

Thermax, with its experience in dealing with various types of waste gases from a spectrum of industries, is the best-qualified partner available.

Thermax deal with a variety of industrial waste gases to generate Power

  • Cement Plant Waste Heat Recovery
  • Sponge Iron Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery
  • Blast Furnace Heat Recovery
  • Coke Oven Heat Recovery
  • DG Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery
  • GT Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery
  • Fluid catalytic cracking unit

Other projects contracted by Thermax on EPC basis for Cement Waste Heat Recovery are:

  • Wonder Cement Ltd (WHRB) , Nimbahera, Rajasthan of 18 MW capacity
  • J K Cement Works (WHRB) , Mangrol, Rajasthan of 1 x 10 MW capacity
  • Lakshmi Cement ( WHRB), Sirohi, Rajasthan of 1 x 12.1 MW capacity