Thermax is a leader in delivering water treatment plants for the diverse needs of industries. With 50 years of experience in designing, building and managing the construction of water treatment projects, we create and implement tailored or standardised industrial water treatment solutions.

Thermax water treatment technologies have a proven track record in providing innovative and successfully installed water treatment plants for various industries.
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Demineralisation is the process by which total dissolved solids (TDS) present in water are removed effectively. A properly packaged unit incorporates the principles of ion exchange, degasification and polishing, to produce mineral free water.

Thermax incorporates good design procedures for optimum results from demineralisation. With mixed bed (MB) ion exchanger, high purity water can be produced for high-pressure boiler applications. Proprietary Ion exchange resins used in our demineralisation plants comply with stringent quality norms.

Demineralised water finds wide application in the fields of steam, power, process and cooling. We have a several successful installations in major power plants, steel mills, refineries, petrochemical complexes, etc.

For maximum advantage it is necessary that the demineralisation plant is configured accurately. This is ensured by our customised software available with our sales force. It considers inlet water quality parameters and capacity requirements to offer optimal and cost-effective solutions.

  • Variety of cost effective standard models
  • Advanced selection software for optimal configuration
  • Improved aesthetics and rugged design
  • User-friendly, low maintenance and easy to install
  • Versatility in applications
  • Simpler distribution and collection systems
  • Pre dispatch assembly check
  • Quick availability

More than 120 plants

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Installation Worldwide

Outlet Parameters

Conductivity: < 0.1 µS/cm Silica: < 0.01 mg/l

Automatic Regeneration

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