Chillers on the Russian front

Thermax has offered more than 70 Chillers in Russia across all applications like Oil and Gas Refineries, Petrochemical, Food and Beverages, Confectioneries, Dairy, Brewery, Poultry, Wood Processing, Glass manufacturing. Several commercial establishments like Hospitals, Sports Complex, Entertainment, Malls, Hotels and Business Centers have also installed Thermax’s machines.

The country has many installations of Thermax’s Chiller-Heaters (Patented product) in commercial complexes, where the machines double up to cater to the cooling demands during summers and the heating demands during harsh winters. The chiller-heaters also find application in industrial processes that require simultaneous cooling and heating.

Increased reach in CIS countries and offer of turnkey solutions along with local cooling towers have witnessed an exceptional growth of the business in Russia.

Churning efficiency for a dairy major

Two units of Shellmax Global boilers were commissioned at a dairy in Abu Dhabi, showcasing world-class aesthetics and latest automation features. These fully-packaged 8 TPH boilers generate consistent and high-quality steam, catering to the customer’s heating needs for processing of milk and other dairy products. The steam is used for pasteurisation, drying and cleaning applications. To ensure enhanced efficiency and assured fuel flexibility, each boiler is fitted with an effimiser – a unique patented heat recovery solution which adjusts to change in fuel variety and maximises heat recovery performance at all load conditions; delivering 94% efficiency while operating on high-speed diesel and natural gas.

Thermax successfully commissioned a steam boiler at Govind dairy Phaltan

Thermax’s CPFD a multifuel Boiler is utilized by the dairy company throughout the year for consistent steam supply


Govind Milk and Milk Products Pvt. Ltd was set up at Phaltan, near Pune, The growth of the company also led to the socio-economic development in the geographical area in and around the company, At Govind, the best procurement and processing systems are employed to process milk and produce milk products. A fully integrated, processing unit with International standards, with the capacity to process in excess of 10 lac liters of milk every day, is currently in use in Phaltan.

Thermax’s association with Govind Dairy is since June 2014 when we received an inquiry for boiler and there were several levels of technical discussion with Govind Dairy team and there Consultant at Phaltan. Finally, we were able to convince them that technically an AFBC boiler is more appropriate for Govind airy against RG influenced by FV. The order was commissioned in August 2016 since then the steam boiler is running successfully without any complaints.


Our Heating system is required for Milk Powder plant which is a very critical application, the constant pressure of 16kg/cm2 is required at the inlet of the dryer to maintain good quality Milk powder. CPFD 160 / 21 kg-Cm2, F&A 100 DegC steam boiler was proposed after understanding customer’s steam consumption pattern in the process. This plant uses steam to manufacture various products like ghee, Pedha, Icecream, Paneer consuming steam as a standard requirement in the process. The most important heating process required in the whole dairy process is the pasteurization of the milk for which consistent steam is supplied by the Thermax boiler.



CPFD 16 TPH boiler ensuring energy (steam) delivered at an optimum price leveraging high-end automated boiler installation.Thermax has offered AFBC technology with air preheater recovery unit with 92 % efficiency.The fuel bed is fluidized by the injection of air from the bottom of the bed through a set of air nozzles. This results in very turbulent air and fuel mixing leading to very efficient combustion and heat transfer.This also results in the tumbling action of the fuel like a boiling fluid causing higher residence time or combustion. O2 emissions are approximately 6% and a Zironia based O2 analyzer is installed at the site for online Monitoring.


  • Govind Dairy team opened boiler first time after 6months to check for cleaning, however, found compete boiler system was clean. They have now started cleaning boiler only during annual IBR shut down/Inspection.
  • Optimum Cost-Effective Steam Price
  • Ensuring consistent quality at the right price
  • Guaranteed Boiler Uptime
  • Efficiency throughout the Product Lifecycle

Thermax Process heating solutions

A strategic business unit offers packaged boilers, thermal oil heaters, waste heat recovery boilers, hot water, and air generators. These are available in modular construction as a standard package configuration or a custom design for specific requirements. Innovated by a strong R&D that focuses on customer applications, we offer a range of heating systems designed to combust a wide range of solid, oil & gas fuels including biomass and heavy liquid fuels.

Green Steam Supply for Dairy Industry

Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Limited

Biomass Boiler Installation at ITC, Munger – Dairy Plant

ITC Group is one of India’s foremost multi – business enterprise with a robust portfolio encompassing Fast
Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Papers, Packaging, Agri-Business, and Information Technology.

In the modern dairy, steam is used in a variety of processes and to help maintain clean, sterile conditions. Steam is used because it is an efficient carrier of heat providing constant temperatures essential for achieving good quality of products.

Thermax Onsite Energy Solutions Limited (TOESL), a subsidiary of Thermax Limited, provides outsourced
utility delivery services based on the Build-Own-Operate (BOO) business model, enabling customers to optimize costs, reduce CO2 footprint and remain focused on their core business.


ITC uses steam in its Dairy plant for indirect heating for the following manufacturing processes:

  • Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Dairy Whitener
  • Ghee, and
  • In the process of Pasteurization

Of the above applications, major steam consumption is to produce powdered milk in the Spray Dryer.

Previously, TOESL had set up 2 biomass utility plants for steam supply under BOO model for Tobacco and
Snacks & Noodle plants of ITC. Having reaped the benefits from said projects, TOESL was re-approached by ITC Group for a Steam Supply proposition based on biomass as fuel for their first milk processing facility in Munger, Bihar. This facility is a part of customer’s CSR initiative to create sustainable livelihoods in villages through a livestock development program.

In a move to generate cost savings and to be carbon-positive, ITC chose TOESL offering of Biomass-fired
boiler and entered into a long term BOO/T based Steam Supply Contract, inked in September 2013.

TOESL now supplies green steam to ITC’s Tobacco, Food and Dairy businesses.


  • Fuel survey undertaken for the particular site location to identify biomass fuels available within a 300 km radius of the site, in the province of Bihar
  • Fuels identified: Paddy Husk Paddy husk is available throughout the year in and around the site location
  • Vendor development to establish fuel supply chain network from source to site
  • Evaluation of biomass price and available quantity over the course of a year


  • Study of load patterns of the process plant
  • Study of steam consumption by the processes – minimum, average and peak
  • Establish the minimum steam off-take
  • Evaluate space available on-site


  • Leverage state-of-the-art, multi-fuel technology by Thermax and provide optimized, highly efficient and sustainable offerings to the customer
  • Undertake detailed engineering to deliver customized high-end solutions


Install and commission the biomass-fired boiler along with boiler accessories, fuel and ash handling systems and air pollution control equipment


  • Undertake comprehensive O&M along with fuel, ash, chemicals, consumables and spares management
  • Deploy experienced and trained manpower
  • Routine regulatory compliance
  • Maximize uptime and operating efficiency
  • Online & remote performance monitoring


  • Biomass Fired Boiler having Fluidized Bed Combustion
  • Boiler Type: Horizontal Multi-tubular Shell Type Smoke Tube with Water Wall Furnace Boiler
  • Boiler Model: CPFD80
  • Boiler Capacity: 8 TPH F&A 100 °C
  • Boiler Design Pressure: 21 kg/cm 2 (g)
  • Primary Fuel: Paddy Husk


  • Customer invests in the civil foundations and structure for the utility plant
  • Complete capital expenditure of the equipment undertaken by TOESL
  • Agreement period of 10 years
  • Customer shall pay interest free security deposit at the time of signing of agreement which shall be
    refunded at the end of agreement period
  • Fuel is charged on a pass-through basis
  • Utility is charged as per off take
  • Utility costing is done on the basis of the minimum off take decided between customer and TOESL
  • Utility price reduction on consumption exceeding minimum off take
  • Guaranteed delivery of uptime


  • Cost reduction due to effective utility price
  • Sizeable carbon savings as against fossil fuel boiler
  • Guaranteed boiler uptime & efficiency throughout product lifecycle
  • Operational Excellence – uptime and efficiency delivered higher than committed
  • Downtime planned in conjunction with process plant shutdown
  • No investment in utility plant and machinery by customer
  • Minimal SPM through advanced APC equipment
  • Dedicated biomass fuel supply chain ensuring consistent quality at right price

On operation of biomass-fired boiler over the years, ITC-Munger Dairy Division has contributed to reduction in CO2 emissions of over 7740 tons as of January 2019.
(Biomass Boiler Plant commissioned in August 2015)

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