Thermax Pressure Reducing Station (TPRS) is a prefabricated ready to assemble module comprises of control valves, isolation valves, pipes and fittings intended to reduce steam pressure to designed conditions. It is sized using special software to ensure appropriate parameters as per design conditions.

“Thermax has installed pressure reducing station for the application of presses, dryers and chambers. The performance of Thermax PRS is very satisfactory and beneficial to our processes.” - Happy customer from Yamuna Nagar
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Direct Acting PRV

A direct acting pressure reducing valve is a self acting valve with a compact design to reduce the pressure of saturated steam. It can be installed along with a condensate pot.

Product Features:

  • SG iron body with SS internals
  • Special titanium steel bellows
  • Wide pressure adjustment range to choose from
  • Built-in strainer
  • Suitable for saturated steam and compressed air
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