We offer both single-drum and bi-drum variants of this boiler, whose benefits include fuel flexibility, low maintenance, high efficiency, high availability, and reliability.

Over 265 boilers commissioned across the globe to meet process steam and power requirements through biomass fuels.
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Travelling Grate Boilers

A highly efficient and reliable offering for the combustion of a wide range of biomass/fossil fuels.

Manufactured as per Technology developed by Thermax

Product Features
  • Continuous ash discharge system avoids dependence on the operator’s judgement
  • Grate driven by hydraulic/planetary gear with VFD
  • Catenary design
  • Precise control of grate speed variation
  • Overlapping grate design prevents air leakages
  • Over-fire air system provides turbulence and thorough mixing of volatile gases, assuring complete combustion
  • Online maintenance of grate possible
  • Three/two-stage super heater with inter stage feed water spray attemperator
  • Tall furnace for complete combustion
  • Pinhole grate or pusher grate offered for specific applications
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