Pulverised Fuel Fired Boiler

Pulverised fuel-fired boiler technology is a proven technology for many decades in utility-scale power generation worldwide.

TBWES pulverised fuel-fired boilers are engineered to offer excellent reliability and availability.
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TBWES offers pulverised fuel-fired  boiler with wall fired technology and state-of-the-art combustion engineering features, including coal pulverisation, combustion control for low NOx, CO emissions, reduced unburnt carbon and detailed thermal performance analysis for various operating conditions.

Manufactured under License from Babcock & Wilcox, USA

Product Features
  • Wall fired Dual Register Burner (DRB) for low NOx and CO emissions
  • Available with and without reheat option to suit the industrial requirement
  • Natural circulation, even for higher operating pressure
  • Proven pressure part design to address slagging and fouling of coal ash
  • Flue gas biasing for reheat steam temperature control
Operating Range
  • Capacities: Upto 1000 TPH
  • Drum design pressure: Up to 174 kg/cm2(g)
  • Steam temperature: Up to 570ºC
  • Fuels: Indian coal, imported coal and any combination

Can also be offered along with Turbine-Generator package (BTG)

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