TBWES has a rich experience in providing clean and green solutions for converting Waste to Energy by combusting the 'Combustibles'.

We can offer integrated indigenised solution for a variety of agricultural wastes, industrial wastes, refuse derived fuel (RDF) and processed municipal solid waste (MSW).
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We also provide waste heat recovery solutions downstream of incinerators, stokers or gasifiers that incinerate a variety of wastes including MSW as received.

Our R&D and innovation team is geared up to continuously improvise the products to meet high industry standards and deliver efficient solutions to customers.

Special Features
  • Single line capacity: 50 – 600 TPD
  • Capability of handling various types of fuels from agricultural and industrial waste to RDF
  • Specially designed reciprocating grate to handle a wide variation in fuel types (RDF and industrial waste), moisture and fuel component sizes
  • Specially designed furnace to ensure complete combustion and control
  • Unique multi-pass design and arrangement of the heat recovery section
  • Dedicated resources in design and development of waste to energy solutions based on physical and chemical characteristics of waste fuel
  • Professional design teams use special integrated programs for core equipment design of waste to energy boilers
  • Engineering capability for designing gas cleaning plants to meet the local enviroment norms
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