Waste To energy is very large offering of Thermax's Green energy portfolio. The waste to energy offerings encompass a very diverse range of energy solution which are classified according to the form in which the source of energy resides , namely Soild , Liquid or gaseous form. The source of energy in these byproducts or wastes is quiet substantial and can be harnessed to provide process heating demands or can be converted to electrical power.

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Hydrogen Off Gas

Designed to burn waste gas/tail gases to generate steam for process requirement or power generation. Typical applications include caustic industry where Hydreogne gas is availibale as a fule for making steam or for other purposes.

Product Features
  • Both fire-tube and water-tube type boilers
  • Natural circulation design
  • Combustor sized for adequate residence time to ensure complete burning of gas;
  • Control systems to ensure complete combustion of gas
Operating Range
  • Capacities: Up to 100 TPH
  • Pressure: Up to 100 kg/cm²(g)
  • Temperature: Up to 560°C


  • Standard Alkalis
  • Rashtriya chemicals & fertilizers
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