Waste To energy is very large offering of Thermax's Green energy portfolio. The waste to energy offerings encompass a very diverse range of energy solution which are classified according to the form in which the source of energy resides , namely Soild , Liquid or gaseous form. The source of energy in these byproducts or wastes is quiet substantial and can be harnessed to provide process heating demands or can be converted to electrical power.

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Sponge Iron

Thermax is a pioneer in supplying waste heat recovery boilers for sponge iron plants and has over 150 installations to date. The boilers are designed to handle large amounts of dust from the flue gas generated in the rotary kilns. The steam generated from these boilers is typically used for power generation.

Product Features
  • Natural circulation water-tube design
  • Gas-tight side wall of water-wall construction
  • Design takes into consideration high dust in gases
  • Horizontal design on 100 TPD DRI kiln for greater operational comfort
  • Vertical design for 350 TPD, 500 TPD, 650 TPD
Operating Range
  • Capacity: 100 TPD, 350 TPD, 500 TPD, 650 TPD
  • Pressure: From 44 kg/cm (g) up to 115 kg/cm² (g)
  • Temperature: Up to 560°C


  • Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.
  • Bhushan Steel & Strips Ltd.
  • Tata Sponge Iron Ltd.
  • Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd.
  • BMM Ispat
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