Waste To energy is very large offering of Thermax's Green energy portfolio. The waste to energy offerings encompass a very diverse range of energy solution which are classified according to the form in which the source of energy resides , namely Soild , Liquid or gaseous form. The source of energy in these byproducts or wastes is quiet substantial and can be harnessed to provide process heating demands or can be converted to electrical power.

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Spent Wash(Vinasse) Fired Incineration Boiler Technology pioneered by Thermax, has evolved through extensive R&D and series of Successful Trials. Thermax offers a unique patented solution for Spent Wash incineration to convert Distillery Waste to Energy, that not only mandates “Zero Liquid Discharge Regulatory Compliance” but also helps in meeting entire Steam & Power Demand of Distillery in most economical & efficient way.

Thermax is the first company to introduce concept of Spent Wash Incineration and has 14 Operating Installations in Indian & International Market and other 15 Projects are at various stage of Project execution.

Product Features
  • Deep bed fluidised bed combustor
  • Effective on-line cleaning system
  • Specially designed spent wash spray system
  • Adequate residence time to ensure complete combustion; system designed for maximum heat recovery
Operating Range
  • Capacity : 10 TPH to 75 TPH


  • Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd.
  • Sovereign Distilleries Ltd.
  • EID Parry India Ltd.
  • Mohan Breweries Distilleries Ltd.
  • Shri Ambalika Sugar Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nandi SSK
  • Daund Sugar Ltd.
  • Nirani Sugars Ltd.
  • Hermes Distillery Pvt Ltd.
  • Universal Robina Corporation, Philippines
  • Indian Sugar Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
  • SOM Distilleries Pvt. Ltd
  • Godavari Biorefineries Ltd.
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