The hot water boilers are designed to operate on various types of fuels such as heavy oil, light oil, gas, duel fuel, coal, husk and other agro waste fuels. The three types of hot water boilers manufactured by us include Aquamatic, Aquatherm and Thermocontainers.

Thermax manufactures hot water boilers in the range of 50,000 to 90,00,000 kcal per hour.
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AquaNexa is an air source heat pump based on the refrigeration cycle and generates hot water with maximum temperature of 60°C.

Product Features
  • High COP – low running cost
  • Compact structure – minimum footprint
  • Plug and play unit
  • High efficiency heat exchanger
  • Corrosion free operation and longer life
  • Smart controller: can operate without human intervention
  • Pollution free and noise-less operation
  • Safe and reliable
  • Environment friendly refrigerant
Operating Range
  • 19-75 kW (400 to 1600 LPH) rated hot water output
  • Rated hot water temperature – 55°C
  • Maximum hot water temperature – 60°C
  • Thermax’s Biomass boiler commissioned at Serum Institute is a boon for saving the environment and reducing fuel cost by 30%
  • Thermax successfully commissioned a steamboiler at Govind dairy Phaltan
  • Thermax succesfully commissioned a biomass boiler for an FMCG major in India
  • Thermax process heating solutions reduced carbon footprint- the plant is equivalent to carbon capture by 3 lakh trees!
  • Thermax made it possible! Upto 45% fuel cost saving using 100% biomass firing
  • Thermax sets a record by commissioning a 40 TPH boiler in just 40 days for Pharmaceutical major in Indonesia
  • Thermax helps Budhani Bros Waferwala to save fuel cost by 20%
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